Internet Enthralled by Cat’s Endearing Reaction to Favorite TV Show

A cat has captivated TikTok users with its heartwarming response to watching its beloved TV show.

Eunkyung Jeon welcomed Ringo, a bengal and munchkin mix cat, into his life seven years ago, and their bond has only grown stronger since.

The 39-year-old owner and his feline companion engage in cuddles, playtime, and even watch TV together.

Ringo’s deep affection for television led Eunkyung to capture his furry friend’s endearing reactions and share them on TikTok under the username @ringodanyan. The video quickly gained immense popularity, amassing over 10.5 million views.

“Ringo loves to cuddle and be petted; he is also playful and loves to chase toys,” Eunkyung, a content creator from New York, shared with “He is so clingy that he will meow and cling to us for attention and always wants to be held like a human baby.”

Over time, Ringo developed a particular fondness for a show called “Syuka World,” a South Korean entertainment channel on YouTube.

Eunkyung explained, “As soon as the intro music starts, he runs to the TV and focuses on the screen. I realized that he was interested in the mouse cursor that was moving around on the screen. Now, he loves ‘Syuka World’ videos.”

In the viral post, Eunkyung stitched together a series of clips depicting Ringo’s animated responses to the show’s theme tune. In one instance, the cat can be seen lounging on the sofa, suddenly springing to life as his ears perk up upon hearing the familiar melody. In another clip, Ringo interrupts his meal to rush to the TV when the song begins. He leaps off sofas, dashes around corners, and flies over his owner in his enthusiasm.

The post has garnered 2.2 million likes and received over 8,800 comments from enamored fans. Viewers couldn’t contain their delight, with comments ranging from humorous to adoring.

One user exclaimed, “MOVE, MY SHOW IS ON,” while another gushed, “OMG, he’s the cutest cat I’ve ever seen.”

Ringo’s distinctive stubby legs also earned attention, with someone affectionately noting, “His stubby lil legs.” Others pointed out the cat’s wiggling tail and couldn’t resist commenting on Ringo’s undeniable cuteness.

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