Halloween Delight at Whipsnade Zoo: Animals Enjoy Spooky Treats

Energetic lionesses Waka and Winta were among the many young inhabitants savouring Halloween festivities at Whipsnade Zoo on Monday, October 30th. Zookeepers at the UK’s largest zoo treated the animals to a ghoulish surprise by carving eerie pumpkins for them, putting their foraging and hunting skills to the test.

The playful two-year-old African lionesses, Waka and Winta, eagerly pounced on the pumpkins after following a trail of treats hidden inside. Meanwhile, the zoo’s colony of African penguins gamely waddled and swam through water to discover fishy delights concealed within their giant gourds.

In the spooky fun were pygmy goats Elsa, Nala, Tiana, Jasmine, and Baloo. Although these pint-sized goats weren’t particularly interested in the creatively carved pumpkins, they had a smashing time playing football with the vegetables. Afterwards, any remaining bits were happily devoured by their fluffy neighbours, the Mangalitsa pigs.

Matthew Webb, Head of Zoological Operations at Whipsnade Zoo, explained, “We wanted to ensure the animals didn’t miss out on Halloween fun this year. With pumpkins in season, they are a delicious sustainable snack for our Mangalitsa pigs, while lionesses Waka and Winta thoroughly enjoy tearing them apart.”

Whipsnade Zoo is home to 245 species, many of which are threatened or extinct in the wild and actively participates in vital conservation programs. The zoo collaborates in global breeding initiatives, including the African lion breeding program, working with zoos worldwide to maintain a healthy backup population of some of the world’s most endangered species.

Matthew added, “With over 600 acres, Whipsnade Zoo is the perfect autumnal destination this Halloween. Families can spend an atmospheric day visiting 11,000 animals, from tiny, yellow-eyed vampire crabs to famously fanged Chinese water deer.”

For a delightfully spooky Halloween experience, families can visit Whipsnade Zoo and meet over 11,000 animals. Every ticket purchase supports ZSL’s vital scientific research and conservation efforts worldwide. To book, visit www.whipsnadezoo.org.


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