Criticism for Pet Owner Wheeling Dog in Pram ‘Like a Baby’

An unconventional scene has drawn criticism online as a pet owner was deemed “foolish” for pushing his dog around in a pram, reminiscent of a baby’s stroller, prompting stares from passersby.

Ortzy, a music producer with 38,000 followers on Instagram (@ortzy), shared a video of his French Bulldog, Sunny Emilio Arbinaga, being pushed in a black stroller by his girlfriend. The light-hearted video, showcasing the dog barking energetically, garnered over two million views and sparked a range of reactions from social media users.

While some found the scene amusing, others chastised the pet owners for treating their dog like a human baby. One person commented, “I wish people would stop with this dumb sh_t pushing a dog in a stroller. It’s a fu_king dog they have legs for a reason.” Another person remarked, “The moment you start treating animals like humans they stop behaving like animals.”

The divided responses were evident in the post’s 27,300 comments. While some found the dog’s unique bark entertaining, others were concerned about the animal’s behavior and suggested it might be expressing anxiety.

Amidst the humorous comments, such as “Dog was a Honda Civic in its past life,” some users lightheartedly suggested that the dog might be practicing for a jazz musician role in a Disney movie.

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