UFO Spotted Gliding Across Sky During Thunderstorm in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

In a captivating sighting, a UFO was observed gracefully traversing the night sky amidst a thunderstorm.

The mesmerizing time-lapse video captures the coastline bathed in the dazzling glow of numerous lightning strikes. Suddenly, a luminous UFO glides serenely across the sky before vanishing from sight.

This intriguing encounter with the suspected alien craft unfolded off the shores of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

Local resident Kary Quirós shared her account, revealing that she had left her camera on hyperlapse mode to document the storm’s fury. To her astonishment, upon reviewing the footage, Kary stumbled upon an unexpected surprise—the UFO’s sudden appearance on her screen.

She subsequently posted the clip on X, where it has garnered more than 12,000 views and garnered retweets from numerous users.

Local observer Jose expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Excellent video. More proof that we are not alone in the universe.”

Robert added his perspective, speculating, “The aliens could be transforming our atmosphere or perhaps this marks an arrival.”

However, not everyone was convinced. A sceptical local posited, “That could be a drone, and the speed of the video makes it look like a UFO.”

Another commentator chimed in, saying, “It could be CGI or some kind of drone; there’s no way…”

Mike offered an alternative explanation, suggesting, “First, it’s likely a plane heading towards the nearby airport. Then, there’s a vehicle driving along the beach. These are two distinct objects, with no UFOs in sight.”

This captivating sighting continues to fuel discussions and speculations, leaving room for a multitude of interpretations.

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