UFO Captured Hovering Above Cemetery by Stunned Bakery Owner

A bakery owner in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, had a remarkable encounter when he spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering above a local cemetery while on his way to open his shop.

Daniel Rodríguez, the owner of La Alborada bakery, was driving along Martín Rodríguez Street near the Campo Dorado private cemetery when he noticed a bright light in the dark sky. At first, he mistook it for a star, but he soon realized it was moving. Rodríguez immediately stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road and began filming the strange object.

In the video, the UFO appeared disc-shaped with a gray circle in the middle. The sighting occurred at approximately 6 a.m. on Sunday, September 17th. Rodríguez described the experience, saying, “I suddenly saw an object that was giving off light and was illuminating the sky. At the same moment I started recording it, the object started moving. It was clear that it was not a star, as I thought at first, but rather a UFO. I’ve been talking about this at home ever since I saw it. The question I keep asking myself is ‘Why did I stop recording it?’ When I took my eyes off the phone, the UFO suddenly disappeared.”

After reviewing Rodríguez’s video, local ufologist Alejandro Di Notto expressed his belief that the object was indeed a UFO. Di Notto explained that UFOs come in various shapes and sizes, just as Earthlings have different car models. He also mentioned that the intentions of UFOs vary, suggesting that not all UFO encounters should be perceived as hostile. Di Notto concluded by emphasizing the importance of remaining open to such phenomena, as there may be other intelligences coexisting in our dimension.

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