Turkish Man’s 38-Year Ordeal: Mistakenly Registered as Female Hinders Marriage and Parental Rights

In a remarkable tale of bureaucratic error, a Turkish man, Moustachioed Kumral Bodur from Bulancak, has emerged from a 38-year struggle to correct an astonishing clerical blunder that left him officially registered as female. This astonishing mishap had far-reaching consequences, preventing him from marriage, acknowledging his children as his own, and pursuing various life aspirations.

The saga began when Kumral’s father registered the names and ages of his seven sons with a population officer visiting their village. A week later, the family received their identity cards. Still, a startling discovery awaited Kumral – he possessed a pink identity card among his siblings’ blue ones.

As Kumral recounted to local media, “In the past, population directors used to go to villages, make registrations, and update the population.” Yet, this routine visit led to a lifelong ordeal for him and his family.

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Due to this inadvertent misclassification, Kumral found himself unable to marry, and upon becoming a father, he lacked legal recognition as his children’s parent. Insurance coverage remained elusive, and dreams of military service were deferred.

Over the years, he sought redress through the legal system, presenting his case to 15 judges and 19 prosecutors. Their advice led to a formal complaint letter, but a year later, all he received was an instruction to file a lawsuit. Regrettably, the case languished without resolution, even after a medical committee issued a report.

The implications of this error were profound. Kumral recounted how he encountered difficulties at police checkpoints due to the discrepancy between his appearance and ID, leading to confusing interactions. In one bizarre episode, he was initially incarcerated in a male prison, only to be transferred out when the warden realized the legal classification error.

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Finally, a turning point arrived while working at a construction site in Bitlis, Turkey. His supervisors discerned the ID mismatch and promptly directed him to the population directorate to rectify the situation. To Kumral’s amazement, his gender identity was corrected within five minutes, and he was issued a male identity card.

Reflecting on the ease of the correction, he expressed his astonishment, saying, “Holding the ID in my hand, I was in shock. Why did I suffer so much for 38 years if it was this easy?”

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Now officially recognized as a man, Kumral has embarked on his long-awaited journey of military service, fulfilling his dream of serving his country.


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