Tragic Incident: Two Dogs Maul 15-Year-Old Girl to Death

A devastating incident unfolded as a 15-year-old girl fell victim to a fatal mauling by two large dogs.

The victim, identified as Trinidad, was walking along the street around midday on July 9th when the two Dogo Argentino canines, a breed of mastiff-type dogs, managed to escape from their home and launched a vicious attack on her.

The dogs relentlessly bit the teenager on her head and neck, inflicting grave injuries that proved fatal.

Trinidad was rushed to a hospital in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, but tragically succumbed to her injuries in the early hours of July 10th.

Heartbroken, her aunt shared the devastating news, revealing, “She arrived at the hospital after experiencing two cardiorespiratory arrests.”

During the attack, a neighbour also sustained injuries while attempting to come to the teenager’s aid.

Afterwards, the two dogs continued to roam the neighbourhood, where they encountered a toy poodle outside a residence.

Reports indicate that the dogs attacked the poodle and managed to enter the home with it in their mouths.

Maximiliano, the homeowner, recounted the horrifying ordeal, mentioning that his 10-month-old baby and young nephew were present at the time.

In an effort to safeguard his family, Maximiliano resorted to using a cleaver and fatally stabbed the aggressive dogs.

Guillermo, a local resident who witnessed the dog attack and tried to rescue the teenage victim, described the situation as “impossible” to intervene in, as the dogs fiercely clung to Trinidad.

He added, “There was a man who initially attempted to help her, using bottles and everything at his disposal, but unfortunately, his efforts were in vain. He even struck them on the head with a stick, but one of the dogs lunged at him and bit him on the face.”

Another eyewitness shared their account, stating, “We heard screams and the desperate cries for help from neighbors. When we rushed out, we saw the two dogs atop the girl. It was impossible to detach them, as they had her by the neck and head.”

The witness continued, “A neighbor struck them forcefully to free her, but in turn, the dogs began to attack him. Once they released the girl, they proceeded to target other neighbors.”

Trinidad’s grieving aunt expressed her anguish, revealing, “She had taken the two rescued dogs for a walk. The dogs returned, but she did not. She was a vibrant child who radiated love to many people. I can’t believe it. She was only 15 years old. I no longer have her by my side, and my soul aches with helplessness.”

Following the tragic incident, the police conducted a raid on the dogs’ owner, identified as José Nieto, on July 10th. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Córdoba has charged the owner with manslaughter in connection with the girl’s death and culpable conduct leading to injury in the case of the neighbours who attempted to rescue her.

The investigation into the incident is currently underway, as authorities seek to understand the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking tragedy.

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