Tragic Accident Claims the Life of British Businesswoman in Madrid

A British businesswoman, Eden Young, has tragically passed away following a fatal fall in Madrid. Eden had traveled to the Spanish capital accompanied by her friend Gina, with plans to cover a festival in the city for her company, Polyester.

Hailing from Manchester, Eden was the host of the popular pop-culture show, ‘Polyester Podcast.’ Reports indicate that she fell from a hotel balcony, resulting in her untimely demise.

In a heartfelt tribute, Eden’s younger brother, Cameron, expressed his profound grief and cherished memories of his sister. He described Eden as a genuine, kind, caring, and independent individual who had been a significant presence in his life since his birth. Cameron spoke of his deep love for his sister and his hope that they would be reunited again someday.

Devastated by the loss, Eden’s family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to bring her body back to the UK. They aim to provide her with a send-off that befits her memory. Acknowledging the overwhelming support received, they expressed gratitude for any donations during this difficult time.

The family initially set a target of £5,000, but the response has exceeded expectations, with over £26,000 raised. They have decided that the surplus funds will be donated to JackTheLad, a charity focused on promoting safer holidays abroad.

Gina, Eden’s close friend, shared her heartbreak and the pain of finding Eden in the aftermath of the tragic incident. She struggled to put into words the depth of her sorrow and described the ongoing heartbreak she experiences with each passing moment.

Polyester Zine, the company Eden worked for, expressed their love and affection for her, emphasizing the impact she made during her time with them. BundoBust, an Indian street food restaurant where Eden had previously been employed, also paid tribute to her, highlighting the significant role she played in their establishment’s formative years and the lasting impression she left on everyone she encountered.

Eden’s passing is a profound loss, leaving behind a legacy of warmth, talent, and a positive impact on those who knew her. Her memory will be cherished by family, friends, and the many lives she touched through her work in journalism and broadcasting.

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