Thomas Skinner, of ‘The Apprentice’ Fame, Acquires Custom Number Plate Featuring His Iconic Catchphrase

Thomas Skinner, the vibrant personality who captured hearts during his appearance on the 15th season of the popular TV show ‘The Apprentice,’ has embarked on an intriguing acquisition journey. The entrepreneur, renowned for his distinct “bosh” catchphrase and endearing Cockney accent, has procured a personalised number plate bearing his signature phrase.

A true impresario, Thomas Skinner extends his catchphrase beyond the screen, manifesting it in the realm of business. He is the proprietor of two enterprises that carry the moniker ‘Bosh’—Bosh Gym and Bosh Market, each resonating with his vivacious spirit.

The serendipitous encounter with a number plate inscribed as ‘A BO5H’ materialized during a DVLA auction, illuminating his path. An instant recognition ensued, compelling him to assert ownership with a triumphant winning bid. Subsequent to the formalities, the bespoke number plate found its home adorning his silver Mercedes SL—a prized possession in his automotive ensemble.

In an endearing twist, Thomas refers to this convertible gem as a “pub cruiser,” reserving its journeys exclusively for leisurely trips to his favorite local haunt. The vehicle symbolizes a fusion of style and character, a reflection of his vibrant persona.

Thomas Skinner enthusiastically shares, “The opportunity to acquire the number plate ‘A BO5H’ arose at a DVLA auction recently, and I was resolute in securing it for myself. The official paperwork is now in my possession.”

The fitting canvas for this prized acquisition is his cherished Mercedes SL, a chariot that bears witness to his penchant for a casual drive to the pub with the top down—a ritual he affectionately dubs as “cruising.” The number plate finds its resonance atop the sleek vehicle, immortalizing his catchphrase in the realm of automobiles.

His genuine pride and delight are evident as he strikes a pose beside his sparkling car, with his eldest son, Henry, playfully engaged in the backseat. Fans of Thomas Skinner wholeheartedly embrace the emblematic addition, lauding his move with enthusiastic support.

Sally Lambert expresses her sentiments, remarking, “It’s no surprise that the plate belongs to you.”

Linda Plant, a fellow ‘Apprentice’ alumni, extends her warm accolades with the words, “A well-deserved accomplishment, Tom.”

The sentiment is echoed by Elias Gaskin, who observes, “The ownership of that plate was inevitable.”

Jack Davies succinctly encapsulates the general sentiment with a resounding “Unreal that. Bosh.”

In this triumphant endeavour, Thomas Skinner has once again demonstrated his knack for making a memorable impact, this time within the world of automotive personalisation.

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