Theft Leaves Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Grave Missing Urn

In a shocking incident, the resting place of the late fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood has been targeted by heartless thieves who stole an urn from her grave.

The stolen item was a decorative grey planter, thoughtfully adorned with vibrant red roses. Local florist Anja Norris had been diligently caring for the grave at regular intervals, as per the request of Westwood’s grieving family following her passing at the age of 81 in December last year.

Located in Tintwistle, Derbyshire, the birthplace of the renowned fashionista, the solemn spot was violated when the decorative urn vanished.

Expressing her outrage, Anja referred to it as a “missing urn planter” and appealed to the audacious thieves for its immediate return after it mysteriously disappeared on May 28.

She stated, “To the individuals who have taken the heavy urn from Dame Vivienne Westwood’s grave in Tintwistle, we are at a loss to understand how you could believe it is acceptable to remove such an item from a sacred place of rest. We can only assume that your need for an urn, which is both weighty and unwieldy, must have been pressing.”

“Regardless, in order to prevent further distress to the family and those who visit the graveside, we implore you to return it without delay. No questions will be asked, and you are welcome to simply restore it to its original location or drop it off at our store at 100 High Street West, Glossop.”

Norris Floristry Ltd has been entrusted with the responsibility of tending to the graveside until a permanent stone memorial is installed. Anja requested the support of the community in Glossop, Tintwistle, and the surrounding areas, urging them to share the plea and remain vigilant.

Local residents expressed their dismay at the despicable act of theft.

Allan Dyer expressed, “Words fail to convey my utter disbelief.”

Jenny Cieslik commented, “What a crime to disturb the final resting place of Vivienne. The memorial is a beautiful tribute to her life and what she means to so many people.”

Jane Helliwell shared, “I cannot comprehend why someone would commit such an act.”

Sara Scott-Rivers stated, “This is an act of extreme disrespect and selfishness. I hope the urn is swiftly returned.”

Julie McLeish added, “A complete lack of respect for the late Dame Vivienne and her family. Disgusting behavior.”

Derbyshire Police have been contacted for their response to the incident.

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