Shocking Scene: Massive 30ft Whale Washes Up on Shore as Onlookers Reportedly Clamber for Photos

A scene of astonishment unfolded as locals stumbled upon a colossal 30-foot whale stranded on the shore.

Photos depict the lifeless marine giant sprawled across the beach, drawing a gathering of onlookers around the massive carcass.

Local accounts suggest that some young individuals even scaled the corpse to strike poses for photographs, although photographic evidence to confirm this remains unavailable.

The deceased marine creature has been identified as a Bryde’s whale, based on its distinctive physical attributes and identifiable markers. The weight of the carcass was approximately 5 tonnes.

This tragic event occurred in the village of Meghavaram, located in Andhra Pradesh State, India.

Authorities have taken samples from the deceased whale for thorough analysis prior to cremating the body. District Forest Officer Disha Kumari stated, “We are taking all necessary precautions by maintaining the carcass in accordance with the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.”

Experts will scrutinize the samples to determine the exact cause of the animal’s demise.

It is hypothesized that the whale might have encountered challenges in shallow waters before becoming stranded on the beach.

According to the Fishery Survey of India (FSI), this could potentially mark the first recorded instance of a Bryde’s whale stranding in Andhra Pradesh.


Bryde’s whales are safeguarded under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. They are characterized by their sleek bodies, pointed flippers, and three distinctive ridges in front of their blowholes.

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