Shocking Murder Case Unveiled: Woman Killed for Eyeballs Worth £80

The gruesome discovery of Duibraska Andreína Rivas Romero’s mutilated body in the Motatán River in Valera, Venezuela, has led to the arrest of two men suspected of her murder and mutilation.

Douglas Rico, the director of Venezuela’s largest police agency, the Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Investigation Service Corps, revealed the names of the suspects on social media. The victim was allegedly invited to the river by her friend José Gregorio Hernández Vargas, 19, on May 22nd. They stopped at the home of Kleiver Omar Linares Rondón, 21, before continuing to the area together.

An argument erupted among the three friends upon arrival, and according to the police chief, the suspects attacked Duibraska with a knife. Vargas, who was studying medicine, is alleged to have removed the victim’s eyeballs with the intention of selling them for $100 (£80) as he planned to leave the country and needed the money.

The suspects are accused of disposing of the victim’s body and the murder weapon in the river. To avoid suspicion, they returned to the victim’s home to hand over her belongings and informed her relatives that they did not know her whereabouts.

Shortly after the discovery of the body, the police apprehended the two suspects on 5th Avenue in Valera. They are currently in the custody of the 12th Prosecutor’s Office of the Trujillo State Public Ministry, while the investigation into Duibraska’s murder continues.

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