Schools Implement CCTV to Curb Parental Mis-Parking

CCTV cameras are being installed outside schools to address the issue of parents’ improper parking habits.

In response to concerns raised by local residents about “disrespectful” behaviour from mothers and fathers, three primary schools will have CCTV cameras placed near their entrances.

Vehicles parked on “Keep Clear” markings will be automatically identified.

A £70 fine will be imposed on drivers who recklessly halt their cars on the yellow zigzag lines.

Paying the fine within 14 days will result in a 50% reduction.

The installation of the cameras is scheduled before the commencement of the upcoming term in a fortnight.

These cameras will be situated at Stanford Junior School, Scartho Infants School, and Waltham Leas Primary, all located in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

During the initial two weeks of the term, drivers parking illegally will receive warning notices.

The local community has expressed approval for this initiative.

Andy Spall commented, “This issue persists in every school. Some parents are negligent and lack respect.”

Carol Hillam added, “Fundamentally, yes, they should be fined. They are well aware of their wrongdoing but choose to disregard it. Dropping off a child doesn’t require stopping at the gate. It’s all about convenience for the parent.”

However, some view this measure as ineffective.

Maureen Oglesby stated, “There’s no chance this will work. Inconsiderate parents will park wherever and whenever they please, just to spare their precious ones the effort of walking a greater distance.”

The enforcement of fines is set to commence next month.

Councillor Ron Shepherd remarked, “These actions have been overdue and hopefully, they will address some of the genuine concerns experienced in these areas. Especially in Waltham and Scartho, there are significant problems with cars illegally stopping and parking hazardously near the schools, obstructing other vehicles and compromising the safety of children walking to and from school.”

“We have observed positive outcomes at other locations, so I’m optimistic about similar results here. My aim is to collaborate with schools and parents to ensure the safety of children around school premises. The solution is straightforward – either permit your child to walk to school if feasible or locate a suitable parking space while dropping them off. Unfortunately, what we often witness outside schools is parents stopping their cars right at the gates, disregarding designated parking areas. They then proceed to escort their children to the gates, abandoning their vehicles. This pattern needs to cease, and I’m hopeful that this is the remedy.”

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