Safety Concerns Raised by Explorer Friend of Hamish Harding Regarding Titanic Sub Voyage

Chris Brown, an explorer friend of Hamish Harding, has revealed that he pulled out of the Titanic submarine trip due to concerns about safety practices. Chris stated that he felt uncomfortable with the number of corners being cut in the planning and execution of the voyage.

The idea to explore the famous wreck of the Titanic was initially discussed seven years ago while Chris and Hamish were on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, alongside others from Virgin Galactic. Chris described the group as “risk takers” and mentioned that the decision to join the trip was made after a few drinks.

However, as the voyage faced delays, Chris became increasingly concerned about its safety. He claimed to have discovered that old scaffolding poles were being used for ballast, and the controls were based on Xbox controllers, which he believed was inappropriate for a commercial craft. Furthermore, he mentioned that a lightning strike during testing in the Bahamas had caused damage to the submarine’s electronics, resulting in another delay.


Chris and his shipping-business friend observed these issues and decided that the risks associated with the trip were too high. Chris expressed his disappointment and withdrew from the voyage, seeking a refund. He alleged that OceanGate, the company organizing the trip, appeared to be cutting corners and lacking sufficient funding to ensure proper development and execution.

While expressing his concerns about the safety aspects, Chris emphasized his admiration for Hamish Harding and described him as an easy-going and intelligent person. Despite not discussing the trip with Hamish, Chris expressed confidence in Hamish’s ability to remain calm and provide support to others during the submarine ordeal.

In conclusion, Chris believed that the Titanic sub voyage lacked the necessary financial investment to ensure professional and safe execution, leading him to withdraw from the expedition due to his concerns about the voyage’s safety.

Note: The claims made by Chris Brown regarding the safety practices of the Titanic sub voyage are based on his personal perspective and should be evaluated alongside other relevant information and official statements.

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