Revolutionary ‘Mind Control’ Sex Toy Unveiled in Groundbreaking Study

A groundbreaking new sex toy has entered the market, powered by artificial intelligence, enabling users to indulge in hands-free pleasure through the intriguing concept of “mind control.”

Brian Sloane, the mastermind behind the thought-controlled device, previously introduced the innovative AutoBlow, an automatic oral sex toy machine. Now, he has taken things to a whole new level by commissioning a project that connects this product to the realm of brain waves.

The ingenious sex toy utilizes an electroencephalogram (EEG) to power its functions. A team of neuro-technology scientists conducted an intriguing study where the device demonstrated brainwave control over four specific actions of the sex toy.

The actions that can be controlled include the machine’s stroking speed, allowing users to adjust it slower or faster as per their preference, and even initiating the “finish me” function, activating the AI mode at its fastest speed.

The study involved test subjects wearing EEG headsets, which were used to train a deep neural network to detect specific brainwaves that correlated with intended commands for the Autoblow. The participants were able to map thoughts of moving each of their arms and legs to control each of the four functions.

A nearby Autoblow, connected to Wi-Fi, responded to the commands, visibly indicating the successful reception of each thought command through a graphical interface.

While the researchers chose to remain anonymous due to potential career implications related to working in the field of human sexuality, they released a video showcasing the incredible possibility of hands-free orgasms.

Brian Sloane shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Until now, we’ve only controlled sex toys using buttons and dials, which is a technology that has been around for a century. Thinking yourself or someone else to orgasm will transcend the normal human experience, giving us a completely new sexual ability.”

With the merging of artificial intelligence and neuroscience, this revolutionary sex toy opens up uncharted territory in the realm of pleasure and intimacy. As technology continues to push boundaries, the mind-bending potential of “mind control” orgasms takes the human sexual experience to unprecedented heights.

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