Restaurant Criticised for Featuring ‘Endangered’ Dishes Adds Controversial Axolotl to Its Menu

A restaurant in Yokohama, Japan, has come under fire for offering dishes made from endangered species, including killer whales and piranha sushi. It has stirred further controversy by adding a new item to its menu: deep-fried axolotl.

Known as Chinju-ya, this establishment caters to a niche clientele, offering an array of unusual dishes such as reindeer hot pots, squirrel chitatap, snow shark liver, and aged brown bear meat.


Their latest culinary addition, deep-fried axolotl, has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism. Chinju-ya claims it is the sole restaurant in Japan serving meals made from this amphibian species.

The Mexican axolotl is currently classified as critically endangered, with estimates suggesting fewer than 1,000 remain in the wild.

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Despite assertions from the restaurant that it breeds axolotls in captivity, its recent announcement on social media has sparked widespread disapproval. The post has garnered over 27,300 views.

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Social media reactions have been strong. Nelson commented, “Incredible! These animals are very loved and protected in Mexico.” Alexis vehemently opposed, writing, “NO axolotls!!!” Another individual pleaded against consuming axolotls, while Nessi, highlighting the species’ endangered status, criticized the restaurant’s actions, even in captivity. A more forceful comment came from another user, defending the axolotls with strong language.

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