Powerful Grizzly Bear Pursues Herd of Wild Horses

A formidable grizzly bear embarked on a pursuit, chasing a herd of wild horses in its relentless quest to capture a young foal.

The astonishing scene unfolded as six adult equines and two foals galloped across a creek, their hooves thundering in unison. However, they were closely trailed by the charging grizzly bear, mere seconds behind.

The Help Alberta Wildlies (HAWS) Society, a non-governmental organization based in Alberta, Canada, expressed uncertainty about the fate of the young foals. The HAWS spokesperson explained, “A grizzly bear can sustain a remarkable speed of 25 to 28 mph for up to two miles. We eagerly await our next camera run to determine the well-being of the entire herd.”

The NGO further revealed that the bear’s female partner crossed the same creek approximately four minutes later, adding another layer of intrigue to the encounter.

The gripping video swiftly gained viral status on social media, accumulating 40,000 views and hundreds of comments.

A local observer exclaimed, “Wow, witnessing this wild kingdom up close is incredible!”

Cindy expressed her astonishment, exclaiming, “Yikes, that bear was dangerously close.”

Nathalie shared her awe, stating, “Wow. The speed at which the bear is running is astounding. I sincerely hope that the entire herd, especially the young ones, made it to safety.”

Valarie expressed her concerns, remarking, “I hope the band managed to regroup and find safety, especially for the young foals. That bear certainly possesses impressive speed.”

Laurie commented on the resilience of the foals, saying, “I’m relieved to see the young foals keeping up with the grown-ups.”

This gripping footage serves as a reminder that even in the realm of wild horses, natural predators like the grizzly bear play a significant role. The HAWS Society has previously shared a similar video in May of the previous year, which garnered over three million views on social media. The organization expressed concern about the increasing loss of horses, including both foals and adults, to predation, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by the wild horse population.

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