Policemen discover more than 1,000 marijuana plants in abandoned pub located only 160 meters away from former police station

Police have found over 1,000 cannabis plants inside a derelict pub, which is just 160 metres away from an old police station. The discovery was made on Tuesday after officers executed a warrant on the former Royal Oak pub in Wombwell, Barnsley, following intelligence that the premises were being used for cannabis cultivation. The police spokesperson said that officers found over 1,000 plants at various stages of growth. Police were gathering evidence at the scene on Wednesday.

Some locals praised the police for their discovery, but many others joked about the proximity of the derelict pub to the police station. One local resident, Lisa Bilton, thanked the police and called for more efforts to be taken against people who drive while using cannabis. Another local resident, Daniel Hague, sarcastically remarked that the police station was just 100 yards away from the Royal Oak, but the police “couldn’t catch a cold”. Emily James also joked about the police station being “on your doorstep”.

Micheal Henderson made a light-hearted joke about a friend wanting to know when the next police auction would take place. Meanwhile, Brett Titterton jokingly requested that South Yorkshire Police organise a raffle.

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