‘Middle Earth’ Mastery: Sir Ian McKellen and Dominic Monaghan Triumph in Pub Quiz

In an unexpected turn at a local pub quiz, ‘Lord of the Rings’ actors Sir Ian McKellen and Dominic Monaghan, known for their roles as Gandalf and Merry Brandybuck, emerged victorious. With a modest £2 entry fee per participant, the event offered a £50 bar tab as the grand prize and a bottle of house wine for the team, finishing second to last.

The quiz, held at The Grapes in Limehouse, east London, became a special occasion for fans of the iconic film series, adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s renowned novels. One attendee, a self-proclaimed Tolkien enthusiast, recounted their surprise and delight at seeing McKellen and Monaghan join the quiz shortly before it commenced.

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Their presence wasn’t just for Show, as they clinched the win significantly, making a fan’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ fantasies a reality.

Sir Ian, who not only acts but also co-owns the historic pub, has a deep connection with the quiz nights there. Despite being a former quizmaster, he humorously revealed on the One Show that he was ‘sacked’ for spending too much time preparing questions.

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Reflecting on his history with The Grapes, a pub standing since the 16th century, Sir Ian mentioned his infrequent visits but consistent attendance at the Monday quizzes. Initially, he was deeply involved in creating the quiz, dedicating a full day each week to devising 40 questions. However, his role was eventually handed over to professionals, a change he believes has improved the event.

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