Mexican Councillor Faces Outrage for Hosting Controversial Cartel-Themed Party for Son’s Birthday

A Mexican councillor has ignited widespread outrage after organizing a drug cartel-themed party for her son’s birthday.

Irma Patricia Cuevas Ovalle faced severe criticism and backlash on social media after sharing images of the party, which featured plastic machine guns and fake cash.

The event also showcased a cake adorned with the luxury brand Versace logo, covered in counterfeit banknotes.

Cuevas Ovalle, a councillor for Soledad de Graciano Sánchez in Mexico, eventually deleted the photos and issued an apology in response to the online backlash.

Expressing regret over the controversial “narco party,” she emphasized her commitment to promoting a more compassionate and humane society.

As a member of the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico, Cuevas Ovalle acknowledged her mistake and stated, “I am very sorry about the celebration of a private party last weekend and the images I posted on social media, which I have already proceeded to delete. It caused a reaction that has nothing to do with enjoying moments of joy and relaxation with our friends and family. I recognize that it was a mistake on my part to have made the photos of this event public.”

While Cuevas Ovalle’s apology was accepted by José Guadalupe Torres, the Secretary General of the State Government, he acknowledged that the theme of the party reflects a regrettable aspect of local culture.

Torres stated, “It’s a cartoony way of dealing with what’s happening. It is part of Mexican culture. I do not agree it should be, but it is not something that is too extreme. It is part of our culture, and this was a way of making fun of our own problems.”

Both the State Government and the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico have confirmed that no further action will be taken against Cuevas Ovalle, despite the widespread outrage surrounding the party.

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