Manchester United Supporters Lead in Tattoo Loyalty Rankings

Manchester United’s fans have become the most devoted to showcasing their allegiance through tattoos, leading the loyalty rankings.

Despite the team’s fluctuating performance this season, beginning with a less-than-stellar start, the Red Devils’ followers have outdone others in expressing their support via club-themed tattoos.

Following Manchester United in the ranking are West Ham United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea respectively.

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Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Everton, and Aston Villa rounded out the top ten list.

Manchester City, notable for winning the Treble, experienced a significant increase in tattoo searches following their victory in last season’s Champions League.

At the lower end of the spectrum, Brighton finds itself at the bottom regarding club-themed body art, joined in the lower ranks by Brentford and Luton.

The betting company Betway conducted the analysis, utilising Google search trends and TikTok hashtag popularity to gather the data.

Manchester United leads with a striking 158,500 online queries for club-themed tattoos and topping the TikTok views at 418,100.

In contrast, Brighton registered a mere 960 searches on Google and had no presence on TikTok in this context.

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A representative from Betway commented on the findings, stating, “Demonstrating loyalty to your favourite club can take various forms, such as keeping up with the latest news, attending matches, or purchasing merchandise. However, getting a tattoo is arguably the ultimate symbol of dedication. Manchester United stands out with the most dedicated fanbase, evidenced by their tattoos generating over 418,100 views on TikTok hashtags and more than 150,000 annual searches. West Ham United follows closely, while Arsenal claims the third spot among the Premier League clubs with the most tattooed supporters. Liverpool is in fourth place. Although not in the top five, Manchester City saw a 247% surge in searches for club tattoos following their UEFA Champions League triumph.”


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