Man Sets Up Astounding Christmas Light Display, Limits Viewing to One Hour Daily for Neighbours’ Sake

A man has unveiled his extraordinary home adorned with 23,000 Christmas lights, meticulously synchronized to various songs each week. Daniel Renwick, a 43-year-old Banora Point, Australia pilot, has transformed his December nights into a neighbourhood spectacle for the past four years.

What began as a hobby has evolved into an elaborate endeavour for Renwick, with each song and light sequence demanding up to 100 hours of preparation. His displays have gained notoriety in his community, drawing admiration from family, friends, and neighbours alike.

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Recognizing the tough times globally, Daniel told, “I wanted to construct a Christmas light display for our community to restore some cheer and spirit, and it’s been warmly received.”

He views the show as a way to give back, noting how neighbours regularly gather with their families to enjoy the spectacle. The joy and smiles it brings make the meticulous planning, equipment installation, and programming worthwhile.

Despite having no electrical or computer programming background, Daniel learned the necessary skills through online videos and community support. Starting the setup in October, it now takes him a week to install the display, with his wife assisting in drilling and light placement.

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From an initial 3,500 lights, his display has grown to 23,000, including moving heads introduced last year. Sequencing a three-minute song can take 50-100 hours. He also uses LED chips at reduced brightness to keep costs down, spending less than AUD 25 (£13.05) for the month.

The community eagerly anticipates the annual display, expressing gratitude for the joy it brings. Mindful of his neighbours, Daniel ensures the show runs from 8 pm to 9 pm, is non-offensive, and invites feedback and communal gatherings.

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While Christmas night sees fewer attendees, the weekends leading up to Christmas and Christmas Eve attract large crowds. Despite weather challenges, the community shows steadfast support. Catering to diverse musical tastes, this year’s display includes a particular sequence from the ‘Sing 2’ movie, which is expected to be a highlight.


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