Investigation Launched as Suspected UFOs Spotted Hovering Over Brazilian Parliament Building

Multiple unidentified flying objects (UFOs) spotted hovering over the Brazilian parliament building have prompted a police investigation into the matter.

The potential flying saucers were captured on camera darting through the night sky above Brasília’s National Congress building. They were also observed flying over the nearby area of Esplanada dos Ministérios before abruptly vanishing.

Local media reached out to the Federal Police to inquire about the possibility of drones being used on the night in question.

A police spokesperson stated: “We do not disclose investigation methods or techniques.” However, they committed to subjecting the images to expert analysis.

The Federal District Government confirmed that no drones were deployed over the area on any night between August 13 and 16 when the sightings occurred.

The Brazilian Air Force spokesperson commented: “We do not conduct studies or analyses on this subject. We solely catalogue information provided by third parties and periodically forward it to the National Archive.”

Captured on a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone by a local resident, the incident footage was handed over to UFO researcher and computer engineer Rony Vernet.

Vernet expressed his intrigue: “It’s uncommon for me to be drawn to third-party UFO videos. However, this one is captivating to examine because the objects were seen above the Brazilian Congress, and I have obtained the original footage. I would best describe them as golden luminous birds.”

On August 22, Vernet shared magnified footage of one of the UFOs that seems to display a “bird flapping” motion.

Accompanying the clip, he conveyed: “Zoomed and stabilised original video clearly showing a bird-flapping pattern.”

Vernet went on to state: “The most reasonable explanation is that they are white birds reflecting the city lights. However, I have never seen birds of that kind in Brazil. I have only encountered such birds in the northern hemisphere, such as Canadian snow geese.”

Thiago Ticchetti, president of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists, explained that the mysterious objects are classified as UFOs due to the uncertainty surrounding their nature.

Ticchetti noted: “A UFO is any flying object that we cannot identify. It could be aircraft, birds, or even extraterrestrial vehicles. Once we identify it, it ceases to be a UFO.”

Addressing the footage shared by Vernet, Ticchetti suggested: “I believe they are drones, as the ‘Marcha das Margaridas’ parade occurred on the Esplanada on August 15 and 16.”

Nonetheless, the Brazilian authorities are yet to disclose their analysis of Vernet’s viral footage.

Reactions from locals have varied, with some imploring any potential extraterrestrial visitors to communicate in a more friendly manner.

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