Incarcerated TikToker Showcases Life Behind Bars with Videos of Gourmet Cooking and Festive Gatherings

A TikToker, known by the alias El Preso 16, has gained attention for sharing glimpses of his life in a “challenging” prison through videos that feature him preparing mouthwatering meals and participating in lively parties.

El Preso 16 is currently serving a sentence in one of the federal institutions in Sinaloa state, Mexico. Despite the ban on electronic devices in Mexican prisons, many of his clips have gone viral on TikTok, leaving users astonished at his ability to capture and share such footage.

Among the various videos, Prisoner 16 showcases himself and his friends cooking delectable shellfish ceviche for dinner and serving traditional tamales for breakfast. Additionally, images depict the group enjoying spirited gatherings accompanied by music, snacks, and seemingly alcoholic beverages.

In one particular video, El Preso 16 explains that the group rents out phones to other inmates for a mere 30p (MXN 6) per hour. With the earnings generated, they are able to purchase high-quality food and other luxury items from the black market.

The videos shared by Prisoner 16 have sparked outrage, as it raises concerns regarding the oversight of items that inmates receive from the outside world by penitentiary staff. One viewer commented, “You’re having a better time than we are out here,” while another questioned, “How do they not notice the mobile phone in his hand?”

Buck wrote, “Count your blessings. In state prison, you don’t even get earbuds,” highlighting the contrasting conditions in different prison systems. Another viewer expressed admiration, stating, “Despite being locked up, you exude so much positivity. I send you countless blessings.”

Jenji commented, “You are so handsome. Those mischievous eyes, those lovely lips with a charming smile. I hope you regain your freedom soon.”

The reason for El Preso 16’s imprisonment remains undisclosed.

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