Heartwarming Photos Show Baby Orangutan Using Mother as a Bed in the Sun

A series of heartwarming images captured by professional photographer Endra August at Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta, Indonesia, have brought smiles to many faces. The adorable photos depict a baby orangutan using its mother as a bed while basking in the warm sunlight.

August, using an OM1 system camera, captured the intimate moments from just a few meters away. One photo shows the baby nestled into its mother’s fur, cuddling up close, while others showcase the mother snuggling into her child, protectively placing a hand over him. In another snapshot, the baby strikes a pose, looking directly into the camera, as the mother takes a well-deserved rest.

“I felt happy to capture the shot,” said August, a 52-year-old photographer from Jakarta. “They look like they are having fun. It’s a funny moment of an orangutan child joking with his mother.”

During the first eight years of its life, this baby orangutan will remain with its mother, relying on her for care and protection until it is ready to venture out on its own. According to the World Wildlife Fund, a young Bornean orangutan can reach heights of up to 4.6 feet and weigh up to 220 pounds.

Sharing the images on Instagram, where August has gained a following of 11,500, social media users have been captivated by the beauty of the creature. Comments poured in, with one person expressing, “Fantastic picture,” and another appreciating the intelligence and gentleness of these primates. Many were grateful for the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat.

The photographs serve as a reminder of the incredible bond between mother and baby orangutans, and the enchanting moments that unfold within the animal kingdom.

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