Groundbreaking Book and Theory Link Misguided Reproductive Energy to Surge in Global Extremism During COVID

The book and accompanying website “Sex On the Wrong Brain” present a provocative claim: sexism, racism, and authoritarianism are the byproducts of misdirected reproductive impulses, controllable through improved sex education.

Author Ard Falten provocatively states, “When the health agencies of New York City and Australian states NSW and Queensland suggested masturbation as a safe sex alternative during the COVID pandemic they should have specified which hand to use.”

The concept of Sex on the wrong brain (SOWB) is introduced as a comprehensive theory of thought and behaviour. It posits that the choice of hand used for sexual activities significantly impacts societal issues such as greed, authoritarianism, patriarchy, and warfare. The theory extends to claim responsibility for the current global warming crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was a mass sex on the wrong brain event,” explains the author. He further elaborates on how social distancing and lock-downs intensified inherent issues in authoritarian regimes globally.

The theory proposes a connection between the right hand and the left brain hemisphere, suggesting that using the right hand for sexual activities improperly aligns reproductive urges with left-brain thinking, which is meant to be patient and objective.

It highlights three major symptoms:

  1. Quick, easy solutions and premature conclusions in problem-solving and logic due to sex fuelling mental processes.
  2. Greed and materialism, as sex associated with numbers and measurement desires more and faster.
  3. Increased sexual dysfunction due to the misdirection of reproductive energy.

The website discusses how authoritarianism is linked with the Uncertainty Avoidance Index, introducing the concept of Certainty Deficit Disorder (CDD) and attributing it to a wide range of extreme and anti-democratic behaviours.

The certainty/uncertainty dynamic explains authoritarian tendencies:

  • Increased need for certainty and closure correlates with heightened fear of uncertainty, change, diversity, unpredictability, and nature.
  • The prioritisation of certainty over truth.
  • Authoritarian leaders are perceived as intelligent and strong due to their decisiveness and confidence.
  • To create certainty, authoritarian ideologies simplify the world into binary categories, fuelling intolerance and extremism.
  • Denial and oversimplification of complex problems like global warming.
  • The rising value of certainty projected by autocratic leaders and symbols in times of chaos.

The website argues that linking sex with punishment and guilt aids authoritarian societies in establishing thought patterns that divert reproductive energy towards creating and rationalising non-existent certainty, leading to dishonesty and sexual dysfunction. also covers:

  • Various factors influencing SOWB levels.
  • Lower SOWB in females.
  • Potential implications for artificial intelligence.
  • Increase of SOWB with age and its impact.
  • The effect of ancestry and civilisation age on SOWB levels.
  • The role of culture, social stratification, discrimination, and religion in increasing SOWB.
  • SOWB’s triggering of violence and mental illness.
  • Evolutionary implications of SOWB.

Falten comments, “There’s evidence that some of our ancestors knew about sex on the wrong brain. It may seem wacky and even outrageous to some but there are wide-ranging implications for democracy and progress. For instance, if artificial intelligence is based on human thinking, can it get sex on the wrong brain too?”

The book and its theory are integrated into a science fiction adventure comedy screenplay, aiming to broaden its audience. Simon Barrett reviewed the book saying, “Yes, I like ‘Sex On the Wrong Brain’ a lot. If you like Douglas Adams and don’t mind a few ‘smutty’ bits, you will enjoy this book.” The screenplay has been recognised in several contests.

“Sex On the Wrong Brain” is available for purchase online, including on Amazon.

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