Former Sorority Model Jasmine Teaa Strikes Back After Ouster

Jasmine Teaa, aged 26, has spectacularly turned her fortunes around after being ousted from her college sorority due to her successful online modelling career. Overcoming ridicule and the loss of friendships, Jasmine has not only thrived professionally but has also found a community that embraces her for who she is.

While still at university, Jasmine started posting provocative content online to manage her tuition fees. This choice, however, sparked conflicts with her peers and led to alienation from her family. Despite these challenges, Jasmine persisted and ultimately mended her relationship with her parents and carved a flourishing career for herself.

The critical moment unfolded when a one-time confidante revealed Jasmine’s online pursuits to her sorority, leading to her expulsion. Undeterred, Jasmine embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and successfully established herself in the industry. “I definitely considered stopping,” Jasmine confessed. “There was so much stigma around my job, but I really do enjoy the work and being my own boss.”

Now a self-made millionaire with over 600,000 Instagram followers (@jasteaa), Jasmine enjoys the support of new friends within the industry. “I’ve made a lot of new friends in the industry,” she shared. “At the end of the day, we all face the same stigma, so we’re in this together.”

Jasmine’s experience underscores the importance of resilience and independence in navigating life’s hurdles. She encourages others with her words: “Even though I lost a lot of friends along the way, I was able to find some true friends who I view as my family.”

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