Former Policeman Transforms into Supernatural Investigator, Gearing Up for a Surge in Eerie Incidents as Summer Nears its End

Chris DeFlorio, a former policeman turned into a paranormal investigator, is meticulously preparing himself for an impending influx of unsettling occurrences as the summer season draws to a close.

Operating as a ‘demonologist,’ Chris conducts exorcisms across the expanse of the United States in collaboration with his spouse, Harmony. He notes that societal habits undergo a shift as autumn settles in, particularly in the lead-up to Halloween.

According to him, this shift in energy often sets the stage for what he describes as “a scenario reminiscent of a Hollywood horror film.”

Having served as an officer in the New York Police Department for nearly two decades, DeFlorio observes that numerous children become inclined to explore cemeteries as the climate grows colder. Meanwhile, other youngsters engage in activities such as employing Ouija boards and participating in risky online dares.

Consequently, DeFlorio experiences an upsurge in reports of eerie incidents during the initial weeks of autumn, surpassing any other period in the year.

The paranormal investigator, who administers the non-profit organization ‘New York Demonic Investigation’ in his hometown, elucidates to Jam Press: “The predominant cause behind the escalation in these cases is that the intensity of such activities predominantly, albeit not exclusively, relies on the attention it garners.”

He further expounds, “For instance, as the seasons transition, focusing shifts towards spectres, sorcery, and apparitions, particularly as Halloween approaches.”

“The notion of establishing contact with the deceased regains prominence, evident in youngsters frequenting burial grounds, dabbling with Ouija boards, and engaging in perilous challenges on social media platforms,” he adds.

Chris, well-versed in his field, further states, “As the countdown to the 31st of October dwindles, the boundary between our reality and the realm of spirits becomes increasingly porous.”

DeFlorio asserts, “Coupled with the collective energy directed towards this realm, our side of existence seemingly metamorphoses into a tableau akin to that of a Hollywood horror spectacle for many.”

“Needless to say, my wife and I find ourselves profoundly occupied,” he quips.

To underscore his viewpoint, Chris provides a series of recent autumnal incident images.

One photograph depicts an Ouija board bathed in a crimson glow atop a table.

Elaborating on the image, he recounts, “The photograph captures an instance from two years ago, featuring three teenage girls employing the Ouija board within a cemetery on Halloween night.”

“In the aftermath of their usage of the board, the girl who had been handling it reported two distinct occurrences, resembling the presence of three hooded figures knocking on their front door at the stroke of 3 a.m.”

“Alarmed by this, the mother, who was a witness to these events, contacted me, and I intervened to remove the Ouija board from the scene,” he concludes.

Another picture portrays a collection of tarot cards strewn across a table adjacent to a flickering candle.

Chris discloses, “Several years prior, a group of youngsters embarked on a journey to Sleepy Hollow in upstate New York, employing these cards in an attempt to communicate with spirits during the Halloween season.”

“An adolescent male, whom they encountered at the cemetery and subsequently persuaded to join their endeavor, purportedly became ‘possessed by a malevolent force’ during the occurrence.”

“Terrified, the young girls fled the scene and never crossed paths with him again.”

“A short time later, I acquired the tarot cards from them, yet regrettably, I couldn’t extract more details about the ‘possessed’ young man,” he admits.

The paranormal investigator also provides a video wherein he imparts knowledge to a group of youngsters about the perils associated with toying with dark forces.

He narrates, “This video footage was captured last Halloween. I orchestrated a community event aimed at enlightening young individuals about the risks inherent in utilizing such communication devices.”

“I was pleasantly surprised when, the next day, I discovered a bag replete with tarot cards, dropped off by one of the youngsters who had attended the event.”

“In the video, I recount a case from the preceding year: a family compelled to flee their dwelling amidst the night due to malevolent assaults.”

“They returned the following morning to retrieve belongings, only to witness the printer inexplicably spring to life, its paper bearing the eerie message ‘go away,’ etched along its length.”

Chris concludes, “My wife and I are motivated by the desire to disseminate awareness, particularly among the younger generation, regarding the perils entailed in dabbling with the occult.”

He attributes his expertise to his profound Catholic faith, his training in medicine and law enforcement, and the years dedicated to managing his non-governmental organization.

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