Extravagant Diner Orders £175 Lobster, Then Sets It Free in the Ocean

In an extravagant display of compassion, a patron at an upscale dining establishment opted for a £175 lobster, only to release the magnificent crustacean back into the boundless sea.

Diners at the renowned eatery were left in sheer astonishment as the tourist took an altruistic stand, sparing the crustacean from the culinary fate it was destined for in the kitchen.

Accompanied by her husband, the woman chose to dine at the illustrious seafood haven known as “Gente di Mare,” situated in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, Italy. Her order: the exquisite Catalan-style lobster served with linguine.

Antonio Fasolino, one of the proprietors of this fine establishment, together with his brother, Gianluca, shared their thoughts with the local press, stating, “Initially, her request seemed like a jest. However, it soon became evident that the lady harbored genuine intentions and sought to perform a virtuous deed.”

Antonio described the sequence of events as he retrieved the lively lobster from the holding tank and proceeded to weigh it meticulously within the kitchen’s confines. Subsequently, he conveyed the lobster’s weight—an impressive two kilograms—along with the accompanying price tag of 200€ (£175) to the intrigued couple.

With the live lobster safely ensconced within a transparent receptacle, it was thoughtfully placed beside the couple’s table, much to the bewilderment of onlookers.

In a rather perplexing turn of events, the Swiss diner inquired if the lobster might sustain harm when released from an elevation. Assurances from those in attendance alleviated her concerns, and with great care, she gently lowered the majestic creature through a metal railing. This entire spectacle was expertly documented by her husband and another companion.

Upon making contact with the gentle embrace of the ocean’s waters, the liberated lobster commenced its journey anew, gracefully swimming away, as corroborated by various accounts in the local media.

Antonio later shared his sentiments with the press, stating, “Witnessing her profound joy and exhilaration, I, too, was profoundly moved. Her happiness at fulfilling this altruistic desire was palpable, and we, in turn, shared in her delight.”

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