Enormous Balloon Descends on Refuelling Plane, Ignites Dangerously Close to Runway

An immense balloon plummeted from the sky, landing on a refuelling plane and immediately bursting into flames, posing a grave threat and narrowly avoiding a catastrophic incident.

A horrifying video captured the moment when the stationary aircraft sat on the runway, and the balloon ominously descended towards it.

Upon impact, the balloon came to rest on top of an Azul Brazilian Airlines plane, instantly igniting into a blazing inferno.

Firefighters promptly arrived at the scene to extinguish the ensuing fire, which erupted just a few feet away from the aircraft.

This near-disastrous occurrence unfolded on 14th May at Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Swift action was taken by the authorities, resulting in the quick containment and control of the flames.

An ongoing investigation is underway to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the incident.

Remarkably, this marks the second instance within a week where a balloon has fallen onto the runway of Santos Dumont Airport.

On 7th May, a descending balloon disrupted the landing of two planes, causing significant disruptions.

While one aircraft had already reached the end of the runway when the balloon descended, the other plane had to delay its descent.

According to the Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Centre of the Brazilian Air Force, approximately 100,000 balloons are released into the sky in Brazil annually, primarily in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian legislation criminalizes the manufacture, sale, transportation, or release of balloons that could potentially cause fires in forests or urban areas.

Those found guilty of violating this law may face imprisonment for a period ranging from one to three years.

A local resident expressed their perspective, stating, “Many individuals in Rio have a penchant for disregarding the law. If singing were prohibited, we would hear operas every day. Don’t even get me started on the traffic.”

Another individual named Allan pondered, “For years, I’ve questioned the appeal behind releasing a balloon. What’s the fun in it?”

Carlos, a third individual, condemned the dangerous activity, remarking, “These people who persist in engaging in this criminal behaviour are a menace—madness and utter recklessness.”

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