Dominic Fike Pays Tribute to Late “Euphoria” Co-Star Angus Cloud During Texas Concert

Actor and musician Dominic Fike took a poignant moment during his concert in Texas on Tuesday to honour his late “Euphoria” co-star Angus Cloud.

In a video shared on TikTok by user @dreamydstny, Fike can be seen addressing the audience at 713 Music Hall in Houston the night after the tragic death of Cloud at the age of 25.

“I’ve been like, sulking all day, you know?” Fike expressed to the crowd. “I guess I lost a friend of mine recently. He died the other night, which is wild to say because I’m not really like, I don’t deal with grief often. It just doesn’t… I haven’t had a lot of death happen, you know, around me, and this was the first time I feel like I knew the person well enough to cry over and feel something. It was weird.”

Fike shared that he was on his way to get a massage when he received the news of Cloud’s passing. However, he couldn’t go through with it and felt deeply affected by the loss.

He reflected on the profound impact Angus Cloud had on him, describing how the actor’s spark could be seen from a distance and how he would light up any room he entered.

According to a statement from Cloud’s family, the actor had been struggling with the recent death of his father, who had been laid to rest just a week before.

The heartfelt tribute by Dominic Fike demonstrates the deep bond between the cast members of “Euphoria” and the profound impact of losing a close friend and colleague.

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