Dog Rescued from Drunk Owner’s Care, Now Safe and Happy with Family

Mia, a dog found wearing a shirt that was taken off her intoxicated owner by the police, is now safe and content under the care of her family.

The incident occurred when concerned members of the public alerted the police about the welfare of the dog. Upon arriving at the scene in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, officers discovered Mia in a light blue shirt and on a red lead. The owner, who appeared to be under the influence, was deemed unfit to look after the dog.

The British Transport Police humorously captured a snapshot of Mia comfortably seated in the passenger seat of a police van during the incident.

An update has been provided to locals, revealing that Mia is now in the care of her relatives. A spokesperson from the BTP stated, “We can confirm Mia the dog is happy and being looked after by family of the female whilst our enquiries are ongoing.”

Community members responded positively to the news, commending the police for their swift action and care for the dog’s welfare.

Previously, the force had reported, “Our officers received a text report regarding a female who was intoxicated and not adequately caring for her dog. Officers attended and ensured the welfare of the dog whilst further enquiries are ongoing to establish any offences.”

Amid the situation, locals took the opportunity to make light-hearted remarks about the dog’s attire and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

One resident humorously commented on the shirt’s fashion statement, while others playfully speculated about the dog’s situation. The community displayed a blend of amusement and appreciation for the police’s efforts to ensure Mia’s well-being.

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