Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Welcomes Baby Gorilla, Invites Public to Name Her

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio has joyfully announced the gender of the baby gorilla born last month – it’s a girl! Soon, the public will have the opportunity to play a role in naming the adorable addition to the zoo’s gorilla family.

The charming newborn Western lowland gorilla made her entrance into the world on July 19, under the nurturing care of her 32-year-old mother, Kebi Moyo, and her 36-year-old father, Mokolo. This precious gorilla is the zoo’s second successful birth of its kind, following the footsteps of her brother, Kayembe, who arrived in October 2021, also sired by Mokolo.

A heartwarming video shared by the zoo captures the tender moments of the newborn clinging to her mother, Kebi Moyo, as they explore their outdoor habitat, having already spent quality time bonding with their gorilla troop behind the scenes. Weather permitting, visitors can now catch a glimpse of this endearing baby gorilla in the outdoor exhibit.

Elena Less, the Associate Animal Curator, expressed her excitement, assuring guests that they can anticipate witnessing Kebi Moyo’s loving care for the baby. As the mother grows more at ease, there will be more opportunities to observe the precious bond between them.

“For now, she’s holding the baby close and being a wonderful mother,” Less shared, “but as she gets more comfortable, which she is, you’ll start to see more glimpses of the baby.”

The zoo has also announced that, in the coming weeks, they will invite the public to participate in naming the newborn gorilla, just as they did with Kayembe. Voting for the chosen name will be accompanied by the option to make a donation, contributing to the conservation efforts for critically-endangered gorilla species in the wild.

With this delightful addition to the gorilla family, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo looks forward to engaging its visitors and supporters in a heartwarming and meaningful celebration of wildlife conservation.

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