‘Britain’s Biggest Yorkshire Pudding Fan’ Devours Extreme English Breakfast

Jake Farrar, a father of two, recently devoured a colossal English breakfast, including a whopping 18 Yorkshire puddings, in just 25 minutes. With a total calorie count of 3,225, this breakfast featured six sausages, four fried eggs, three rashers of bacon, three servings of mushrooms, baked beans, and hash browns.

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Jake, a confessed Yorkshire pudding addict from Middlesbrough, twisted the traditional breakfast by replacing the toast with 18 Aunt Bessie Yorkshire puddings. After arranging the feast on his plate, he drizzled gravy over the Yorkshire puddings before digging in, which was captured and uploaded to TikTok.

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Jake explained his motivation: “I saw a pub had posted a large breakfast online, so I thought I’d give it a go. I wanted to make it more my style, so I swapped the toast with Yorkshire puddings. I normally eat around 20 Yorkshires a day, so it wasn’t too much of a struggle. The beans and sausages went amazing with the Yorkshires. They soaked up the tomato juice and just tasted good. Fried mushrooms are underrated, too, so they went so well with the puddings. It’s fair to say I was pretty full up after everything.”

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Jake had previously garnered attention when consuming 600 Yorkshire puddings during Christmas. As a dedicated Yorkshire pudding enthusiast, he spends approximately £7,300 per year on his favourite food, which he enjoys for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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