Arrest Made in Tragic Case: Man Allegedly Throws Girlfriend, 27, from Sixth-Floor Balcony During Holiday, Echoing Ominous Premonition

A deeply distressing incident has led to the apprehension of a man suspected of hurling his 27-year-old girlfriend from a sixth-floor balcony while they were on vacation together.

The victim, María Clara Urdangaray, a citizen of Argentina, fell victim to an apparent murder that unfolded during her stay at a hotel in the town of Kosovo Polje, situated in Kosovo.

María Clara Urdangaray embarked on a European journey in November 2022, which eventually brought her to Barcelona, where she crossed paths with her 31-year-old boyfriend. The man, identified only by the initials E.N., is now the primary suspect in this tragic case.

Following their time in Barcelona, Urdangaray relocated to Switzerland with her partner, a Swiss national originally hailing from Kosovo. The couple’s journey culminated in attending his brother’s wedding on the 1st of August, an event held in Kosovo.

Accounts suggest that after the festivities of the wedding reception, tensions escalated between the couple, resulting in the accused allegedly pushing Urdangaray off the balcony of their sixth-floor hotel room.

Urdangaray was promptly transported to the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, where the gravity of her injuries ultimately led to her untimely demise.

As the investigation proceeds, the suspect remains in police custody.

Facundo Urdangaray, the father of the victim, spoke to local media, asserting, “This was a femicide, without a doubt. My daughter possessed a free spirit, finding joy in traversing Europe. She was content in Barcelona, and we held comfort in knowing that she had supportive friends there should the need arise. While we were apprehensive when she chose to journey to Switzerland, we expressed our concerns to her, urging her not to leave Barcelona. Yet, being the resilient 27-year-old woman that she was, she fearlessly embraced life.”

In a poignant manifestation of foreshadowing, a few weeks before her tragic demise, the Argentine woman shared a photograph of herself strolling through the streets of Bern, Switzerland. Accompanying the image was a somber message: “It’s a comfort to walk through the night streets, unburdened by the fear of falling victim to violence over a mobile phone.”

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