Aldi Pokes Fun at McDonald’s and Domino’s in a Single Day, Leaving Shoppers in Stitches

Aldi has brought laughter to shoppers by playfully teasing both McDonald’s and Domino’s on the same day. The budget supermarket chain decided to have fun with these fast-food giants by using mobile billboards to promote similar products.

One of the cheeky adverts was parked outside a restaurant and featured a man enjoying a burger reminiscent of a Big Mac and a box of frozen fries. The caption read: “Steve loves a Big Stack from Aldi.” To add a humorous touch, Aldi said, “All we’re missing is an ice cream machine that never works.”

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Shoppers found the playful mockery highly amusing. Lucy Lu commented, “You push your luck, and it’s brilliant. Keep them coming.” Caron Bartley quipped, “Aldi skating on thin ice since 1990.” Tom Dewsbery joked, “Poking the lion again,” and shopper Sam remarked, “Aldi, you know how to make me giggle.”

Aldi didn’t stop there; they also parked their mobile billboard outside a Domino’s outlet, poking fun at the pizza chain for its higher prices. The advertisement featured a man savouring a slice of pepperoni pizza, and the caption read, “Dom knows a pizza that’s a slice of the price.” Shopper Matt Webster humorously responded, “That one will take some topping.”

Aldi has a history of playful marketing tactics, and this recent move left shoppers amused and entertained.

It’s worth noting that Aldi has encountered copyright issues related to its products, including a High Court case with M&S over its Colin the Caterpillar cake in February of last year.

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