Air Travel Adventure: British Tourists’ Flight to Lanzarote Delayed Due to Unusual Runway Intruder – a Dog

A Jet2 flight filled with eager British holidaymakers en route to Lanzarote experienced an unexpected delay caused by an unusual runway intruder—a dog.

The Boeing 757, carrying approximately 300 passengers, embarked on its journey from Manchester Airport at 6:15 pm, nearing the end of its four-and-a-half-hour flight. As it began its descent into Lanzarote, passengers were eagerly anticipating their arrival on the Canary Isle.

However, to their bewilderment, the plane suddenly accelerated and ascended at the last minute, seemingly aborting its landing. Passengers were left puzzled, wondering about the cause of this unexpected change in course.

A Tannoy announcement soon clarified the situation, revealing that “an animal was on the runway,” and ground crews were actively working to locate and remove it.

The aircraft continued to circle above the sea as passengers were instructed to remain in their seats. Concerns grew among passengers, with some worrying that the plane might run out of fuel during its extended flight over the island.

Just as the plane was on the verge of being diverted to a clear runway located 142 miles away on Gran Canaria, the pilot received clearance to land from Lanzarote air traffic control.

Passengers erupted into cheers, applause, and shouts of relief as the plane finally touched down safely on the runway. Flight tracking data showed the plane’s circular flight path in the air during the ordeal.

Dylan John, a 45-year-old passenger, described the 40-minute delay as feeling like an eternity. He shared that initially, passengers were bewildered, and babies onboard were upset due to air pressure changes. John admitted to offering a silent prayer during the uncertain moments but ultimately expressed gratitude that the landing was safe, emphasizing that the pilot should not be blamed for the unexpected incident.

Mick Lambert, 63, from Pontefract, commended the pilot for her quick thinking and actions during the ordeal. He acknowledged that the situation could have been disastrous and praised the pilot for her efforts to ensure the safety of all passengers. Lambert speculated that something disruptive, possibly related to air traffic control or an emergency situation, had caused the sequence of events.

The fate of the dog involved in the incident remains unknown, and Jet2 has yet to provide an official comment regarding the unusual delay that took place on August 27th.

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