Two Giant Crocodiles Fatally Shot After Failed Capture Attempts

In a striking incident, two enormous crocodiles were lethally shot within days of each other, following unsuccessful attempts to capture them due to their immense size.

The first crocodile, a massive 4.5-metre-long (14’ 9”), 1.2-ton creature, was shot after attempting to attack a child. Despite efforts spanning over five hours to capture it, experts were unsuccessful. The giant reptile, which had been hiding under a house in Kampung Desa Bajau, Tawau, on the Malaysian side of Borneo, was eventually killed with seven shots. Its carcass was removed on a pickup truck on Monday (11 Dec).

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Merely three days later, on Thursday (14 Dec), another colossal crocodile was sighted behind a residence in nearby Kampung Remang, Lahad Datu. This reptile, not weighed but measuring an even greater 4.8 metres (15’ 9”) in length, was also killed after capture efforts failed, this time with eight shots. Its body was similarly transported away for disposal.

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The species of these massive crocodiles remains unclear, though two types are known in Borneo: the saltwater crocodile and the endangered false gharial, both posing significant danger to humans. Famed writer Robert Walter Campbell Shelford highlighted the prominence of crocodiles in Borneo in his 1916 book ‘A Naturalist in Borneo’, emphasizing their importance in relation to humans.


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