Rare Red-Fronted Macaw Chick Hatches at Edinburgh Zoo

In a remarkable achievement, a critically endangered red-fronted macaw has successfully hatched at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s (RZSS) Edinburgh Zoo, marking the first occurrence in two decades.

Now at three months old, the young bird has left the nest and can be observed by zoo visitors in the aviary, located across from the zoo’s Indian one-horned rhino enclosure.

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Edinburgh Zoo is now home to five red-fronted macaws, consisting of two adult males, two adult females, and the newly hatched chick, whose gender has yet to be determined.

Image Jam Press

The red-fronted macaw population faces a dire situation, with believed to be fewer than 800 individuals remaining in the wild. The main threats to their survival include habitat loss, which has led to a decline in their numbers. The arrival of this new chick is a significant milestone as it serves as an important ambassador for this critically endangered species.


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