Liberation After 35 Years: Rescued Elephant Finds Sanctuary

After enduring a heart-wrenching 35 years of isolation and harsh conditions, a female elephant has finally been saved and is destined to spend the rest of her days in the safety and tranquility of an animal sanctuary.

World Animal Protection (WAP) reported that Mundi, a 41-year-old African savanna elephant, was recently rescued from a zoo that failed to meet adequate animal welfare standards.

Having spent more than three decades in the confines of the zoo, Mundi has now been relocated to the Elephant Refuge North America Sanctuary in Georgia, USA.

In this vast sanctuary, spanning 850 acres of rolling hills, pastures, and forests, Mundi will finally experience a life of freedom and comfort.

Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach, Head of Wildlife Research and Animal Welfare at World Animal Protection, expressed the joy of witnessing Mundi’s safe arrival, saying, “Mundi’s safe arrival is truly a sight to behold. For almost 35 years, she has been on display at the zoo, living alone in a small enclosure with access only to a dark indoor shelter. Such conditions are entirely unsuitable for any wild animal. I hope Mundi can now spend her remaining years enjoying the freedom and care she truly deserves.”

Born in Zimbabwe in 1982, Mundi tragically became an orphan during a government-sanctioned mass culling of elephants. She was later purchased by millionaire Arthur Jones and brought to the United States. After spending two years in Florida on Jones’ estate along with 62 other elephants, Mundi was eventually donated to the zoo in 1985.

On May 12, World Animal Protection conducted an intervention at the Mayaguex Zoo in Puerto Rico, where Mundi was held captive. The zoo faced numerous allegations of animal mistreatment.

After a lifetime in captivity, Mundi can now relish a newfound sense of freedom in the expansive elephant sanctuary. She will share her days with fellow residents Bo and Tarra, as they enjoy the serenity and care provided by their new home.

Carol Buckley, Founder, President, and CEO of Elephant Aid International, expressed gratitude for Mundi’s rescue, stating, “We are overjoyed that Mundi will find solace at Elephant Refuge North America, and we extend our thanks to World Animal Protection for partnering with us in this rescue mission. Mundi has endured a lifetime of captivity, and we look forward to providing her with the love and care she truly deserves.”

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