Fox Takes a Sunbath on Convertible Porsche During UK Heatwave

A surprising sight unfolded during a UK heatwave, as a scruffy-looking fox decided to take a sunbath on top of a convertible Porsche Boxster, enjoying the 30°C (86°F) weather.

This unusual scene was captured when the fox climbed onto the roof of the sports car and curled up for a nap in the sun. Typically nocturnal, foxes are rarely seen in broad daylight.

The fox was discovered on the car by Dave Primrose, a resident of Mobberley, Cheshire. Concerned about the animal’s condition, especially a patch of missing fur, Dave reached out to The Fox Angels Foundation, an animal charity. They are sending medication to Dave so he can provide assistance to the fox.

Dave commented, “I live in an apartment block, and the fox just chills around the complex sometimes. He doesn’t really come to visit me personally, so there’s not a lot I can do to help personally.”

Despite the fox’s scruffy appearance, Dave initially thought it might be a bit feral. However, upon closer inspection and concern for its well-being, he took action to ensure the animal receives care.

With temperatures soaring during the UK’s Indian summer heatwave following a wet August, even foxes are seeking ways to beat the heat.

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