Cheeky Lions Show Off Hilarious Funny Faces in Playful Photos

A series of hilarious pictures captured the moment a group of cheeky lions pulled funny faces while frolicking in the sun.

In one image, a lion can be seen lying on its back, striking a pose for the camera and even sticking its tongue out.

Another shot features a lion lounging in the sun, appearing to enjoy a leisurely cat nap.

One member of the pride is captured half-winking at the camera while lolling in the sun, adding to the amusing spectacle.

The same lion showcases its creativity with a series of poses, including lifting its legs in the air and scrunching its face against the ground.

These playful moments were captured by wildlife photographer Tapan Sheth, 44, in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

During a visit to the Gir Forest National Park, Sheth encountered a group of Asiatic lions, a critically endangered species with only several hundred individuals remaining in the wild, all residing in the park.

“As a wildlife photographer, the thrill courses through my veins as I stealthily approach my subjects, immersing myself in their untamed world,” said Tapan, speaking to

“Each click of the shutter captures a moment of pure serendipity, blending awe and gratitude.

“The symphony of nature enchants my senses, evoking a profound connection with the wild, forever etched in my heart and images.

“Each frame features a lion, capturing their intense gaze, regal appearance, and the majestic power emanating from their eyes.”

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