An enchanting owl has captivated the internet with its antics as it seemed eager to take charge of the camera.

These remarkable wildlife images were captured by Edsel Batuigas, a talented wildlife photographer based in Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada.

Taken from a close distance, Edsel used a Nikon 4500 to capture the delightful moment when the barred owl perched on top of a Nikon D850, seemingly ready to press the shutter.

One photo shows the bird sitting at the end of the camera, which was set up to photograph wildlife, gazing into the distance.

In another snapshot, the owl can be seen resting on the roof of Edsel’s car.

A different image depicts the owl now perched on a tree, looking directly into the camera lens, transitioning from the role of photographer to model.

“Owls are fascinating subjects with their highly expressive faces,” said Edsel, who captured these moments in April this year. He added, “I was thrilled when it landed on top of my car, and I quickly grabbed my cell phone camera to take pictures. Then, when it moved and landed on my DSLR camera lens, I grabbed my backup camera and captured these shots. The owl only stayed on the lens for less than a minute. It has always been a dream of mine for an owl to land on my camera while out in the field. The owl then proceeded to hunt in the area, moving from tree to tree, but unfortunately was unsuccessful.”

Edsel shared these captivating images on Instagram (@edseljamesbatuigas), where he has gathered a following of over 6,000 users. Social media users were left in awe of the stunning creature.

“Now that’s awesome,” said Justin. “NICE,” added Naoki. Rhonda commented, “She approves of your camera gear!” James wrote, “Spectacular.” Ray added, “Wow!”

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