SAER Enchants Again with Reflective Christmas Track “This Time of Year”

A Heartfelt New Release Now Available; Paul Griffin’s Moving Animation Set for 24th December Debut.

SAER, a talented UK vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, has unveiled his enchanting Christmas single “This Time of Year” on 1st December. Renowned for translating human emotions into poignant ballads, SAER has sketched a winter tale echoing the solitary vibes of the festive season. Following his atmospheric cover of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line,” which received widespread praise for its “unique and haunting interpretation,” SAER has now presented a project of similar entrancing quality. Graeme Smith from ‘York Calling‘ commended SAER for transforming the atmosphere of famous songs, mentioning his “melancholic piano and pleading vocals” that effectively convey a sense of solitude, a concept deeply explored in “This Time of Year.”

The track serves as an emotional homage to the Yuletide season, marked by the absence of a cherished one. It captures the chilling reality of spending Christmas solo, set against a backdrop that mirrors the frosty alienation of estrangement. Director Paul Griffin has visually represented this narrative, depicting a snowman’s poignant quest to reunite with a long-lost companion, mirroring the narrative’s themes of separation and longing for reconnection. The music video for “This Time of Year” is set to premiere on 24th December across all social media platforms.

SAER’s distinctive falsetto and evocative soundscapes, described as “spine-tinglingly dynamic” by FreshOnTheNet’s FreshFaves, infuse a glimmer of hope into the somber mood of winter. His innovative fusion of electronic pop and folk, combined with his cinematic approach, creates a compelling soundtrack that draws listeners into a reflective Christmas journey.

The Birmingham-based artist’s ascent in the music industry, marked by appearances on ‘The Voice UK‘ and partnerships with prestigious brands like Bentley for Earth Day initiatives, signifies his expanding influence in the music world. SAER’s exceptional style, acclaimed by national radio and chart-topping artists, positions “This Time of Year” as a new hymn for those who identify with the more subdued and contemplative aspects of the festive period.

“This Time of Year” is now available on all leading music platforms, offering a significant moment in SAER’s evolving musical narrative for both fans and newcomers to cherish as the year draws to a close.

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