Surgical Success: Extraction of Large Metal Nut from Girl’s Throat by Medical Experts

In a remarkable medical achievement, a sizable metallic nut has been effectively dislodged from the trachea of a young girl.

A juvenile patient was admitted to the Octavio de la Concepción y de la Pedraja Pediatric Hospital, a distinguished children’s medical facility located in Cuba. The reason for her admission was the presence of an obstructive foreign object within her esophageal passage.

Upon conducting a meticulous examination, physicians identified the source of the problem: an inadvertent ingestion of a substantial metal nut by the child.

Subsequent to a series of X-ray scans aimed at precisely ascertaining the nut’s positioning, a specialized medical team accomplished the extraction procedure during a surgical intervention that spanned the course of one hour, a feat accomplished on the Monday of 28th August.

While the esophagus bore the consequences of the ordeal, the young patient’s condition is reportedly showing satisfactory improvement as she undergoes recovery within the confines of the medical facility. During this period, she has been equipped with a feeding conduit to facilitate her recuperation process.

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