Simed Global Pioneers Swift Diagnostic Breakthrough Surpassing VAR’s Offside Checks

Simed Global, a leading name in the UK’s medical sector, is at the forefront of innovating a cutting-edge diagnostic method that empowers individuals to swiftly test for Tuberculosis, RSV, and differentiate between viral and bacterial infections using just a saliva sample.

With the capability to screen patients in a mere 60 seconds, their pioneering instant diagnostic CX device stands as a transformative leap in medical diagnostics.

This avant-garde technology not only accelerates the diagnostic process but also facilitates immediate isolation and treatment, curbing the spread of diseases and playing a crucial role in saving lives.

Echoing the frustration of football enthusiasts over VAR’s game delays, medical professionals have voiced their grievances regarding the prolonged wait for test results.

Acknowledging this, Simed Global is dedicated to delivering precise results to patients, understanding the significant repercussions that inaccurate data or delayed diagnostics can have on treatment strategies. Their non-invasive, saliva-based tests boast a remarkable 98% accuracy rate, offering patients both immediate results and a sense of reassurance.

Medical practitioners in search of a rapid triage method have found their match in Simed Global’s ingenious solution, marking a notable achievement in the field.

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