Groundbreaking Digital Health Passport MiCode Unveiled by Professor at Goldsmiths University for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Professor James Ohene-Djan of Goldsmiths, University of London, together with MiCode Ltd, has launched MiCode, the first digital health passport in the UK designed for people with dementia and serious health conditions. This ground-breaking initiative, which has already been lauded for its partnership with Central and Northwest London NHS Foundation Trust, is now poised to improve the well-being and independence of individuals affected by cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

MiCode features a personalised QR code digital passport that provides immediate access to essential health information, thereby reducing response times for emergency services, medical personnel, police, and family members by providing instant clarity when a person with dementia finds themselves in a confusing or lost state.

The system prioritises inclusivity, offering support in various languages to effectively meet the needs of diverse communities. It is both cost-effective and easy to maintain, not requiring any costly applications or technologies, and integrates smoothly with NHS and private healthcare frameworks.

With the capacity to manage a large volume of records and securely share video, audio, and document data, MiCode stands out as a critical resource in community health management.

Led by Professor James Ohene-Djan, MiCode UK is at the forefront of making health information more accessible, dedicated to empowering affected individuals and assisting caregivers. MiCode is driving positive change in healthcare through innovative technology.

Protect your family members with the MiCode digital health passport. To learn more or to join the MiCode initiative, visit

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