DXS: A Beacon in UK Healthcare with Smart Referral Forms Halving Infertility Service Wait Times and Achieving Millions in Savings

DXS, a leading independent digital healthcare enterprise, has made significant strides in revolutionising NHS Infertility Services with its innovative SMART referral forms. These advanced digital solutions have been instrumental in refining the referral mechanism, providing swift and efficient access to specialist healthcare services. The implementation of these forms has dramatically reduced waiting times to 22 weeks, a substantial decrease from the previous 44 weeks.

An independent financial impact assessment conducted by Health Tech Enterprise, with partial funding from Health Innovation East, has illuminated the tangible benefits and financial gains DXS’s SMART Referral Forms bring to healthcare providers. This analysis emphasises the substantial efficiency and fiscal advantages achieved.

The ongoing challenge within healthcare management is to harmonise efficiency with fiscal prudence, especially for those seeking fertility treatment referrals. DXS is committed to alleviating this issue by delivering pioneering solutions that enhance patient care and optimise healthcare resources.

Djavid Alleemudder, a consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with a focus on infertility in Suffolk and North East Essex, highlighted the pressures his team faced, with couples enduring waits of over 44 weeks, often leading to the heartbreak of service rejection. He noted the distress caused by unsuitable referrals, which extended beyond organisational concerns.

Djavid states: “Drawing from my experience, it was evident that we required a distinct approach. Making specific fields mandatory and introducing a revamped referral form were crucial steps in our strategy.”

In Suffolk, GP practices have adopted a clinical decision-support tool providing bespoke SMART referral forms. In collaboration with DXS, Djavid and his team crafted a specialised SMART Infertility Referral Form tailored to their department’s unique needs.

This innovative approach guarantees that submissions are only processed when all necessary fields are filled, drastically reducing the number of rejected referrals and significantly improving efficiency. The initiative to refine referrals, in partnership with Djavid and the broader healthcare system, yielded remarkable outcomes.

Since the introduction of the new SMART Infertility Form in August 2021, Djavid and his team have observed marked enhancements in the Infertility Service, including a decline in unsuitable referrals, waiting times, and administrative demands.

The outcomes demonstrated a drop in unsuitable referrals to 0% from 36%, and notably, waiting times were halved to 22 weeks from over 44 weeks.

Mr. Djavid Alleemudder reflects on the transformation in his infertility services: “It’s not only helped us to gain an in-depth analysis of what was going wrong, but it’s delivered results that change lives, and makes our service to our patients much more efficient, which is life-changing in our sector, and what we do.”

The DXS SMART Referral Forms are now utilised across various healthcare specialities, extending beyond infertility to include Cardiology, MSK, Cancer, Gastro, and others. The benefits of this service encompass:

· Optimised Pathway Management
· Reduced Inappropriate Referrals
· Reduced Waiting Lists
· Automated Field Population
· Fully Coded to Patient Record
· Zero Digital Bias – Reducing Inequalities
· Greener NHS – Contributes to Net-Zero
· Streamlines Efficiency/Productivity
· EPR Integration (via metadata)

Expanding the success of one department, the Smart Referral Forms hold the promise of national benefits, both financially and operationally. Extending the analysis across NHS England to encompass the broader impact of DXS’s Smart Referral Forms, regional challenges are effectively addressed. The findings reveal a significant net saving of £9,202,570 in one year and an accumulative saving of £43,471,649 over five years, showcasing the profound influence of DXS’s comprehensive Smart Referral Forms suite.

For further insights into the effectiveness of Smart Referral Forms and for additional information, please visit here.

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