British Doctors Embrace New Horizons in Australia

The allure of Australia as a promising destination for UK General Practitioners is on the rise, with a surge in applications and enquiries flooding Australian medical clinics and recruiters.

As the NHS faces mounting pressure and junior doctors go on strike for better pay, the land Down Under has emerged as an ideal choice, according to Gemma Gough, the Managing Director of Health Recruitment Australia.

Having made the move herself almost six years ago from Guernsey, UK, Gough, now a practice management leader in South Australia, understands the appeal. “It’s easy to see why so many UK doctors are considering or actually making the move to Australia,” she remarked.

“Growing concerns about the working conditions for healthcare professionals in the UK have been prevalent for years, and the pandemic only exacerbated the situation. While pay is a significant factor, the doctors we converse with also place a premium on lifestyle, an area where Australia outshines the UK.”

Reflecting on her own experience, Gough admitted that relocating across the world presents its share of challenges. Nevertheless, she maintains that the decision to build a career, nurture a family, and create a fulfilling life in Australia brings no regrets. “Australia is a remarkable place for all of those aspirations to take root,” she added.

The British Medical Association leads the charge in demanding better pay for junior doctors, asserting that their wages have been steadily eroded over the past 15 years, leading many to seek opportunities abroad.

Gough lamented the challenges confronting the UK health system but highlighted that Australian clinics and hospitals are eager to address their own pressing need for qualified doctors. “Australia, too, faces a significant shortage of medical professionals, and as a result, clinics and hospitals are compelled to seek GPs from overseas to meet the growing demands of their local communities,” she explained.

“UK doctors make excellent candidates due to the relatively smooth transfer process, but equally important is the cultural alignment between the two countries.”

Polly Large, who recently relocated from the UK, has commenced her work as a GP at AHA Clinics, a medical practice in South Australia. “Moving to the other side of the world to establish my career and build a life was not a decision I took lightly. However, after careful consideration, the opportunities in Australia proved too enticing to turn down,” Large shared.

She acknowledged that the transition process takes time and poses its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, Large expressed gratitude for the extensive support she received every step of the way. Now, as she settles into the local community and establishes herself, she finds immense joy in her new home and eagerly anticipates the future that lies ahead in Australia.

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