Top Essay Writing Services: Unveiled and Unmasked in This Explosive Comparison!

Writing essays and academic papers is a familiar task for students, often fraught with challenges like tight deadlines and complex topics. This stress can tempt students to hire essay writers, raising ethical questions and affecting academic integrity. The rise of these essay services, offering to craft essays for a fee, has sparked debates about their legitimacy and impact on education. This article compares prominent services like 99papers, EssayBox, and others, discussing their features, pricing, quality promises, and broader implications in academia.

Overview and Comparison TOP 5  Essay Writing Services


Reviewed by essay expert Michael Adwell

99papers is an essay writing service that positions itself as a go-to solution for students facing academic writing challenges. It is noteworthy for its competitive pricing and professional writing team. Here are some key features of 99papers:

  1. Affordable Pricing: The service starts at $12.46 per page, making it a relatively budget-friendly option for students. This pricing strategy is particularly appealing to those who need quality writing assistance without breaking the bank.
  2. Qualified Writers: 99papers employs native English writers who hold degrees, ensuring that the essays and papers are written to a high standard. This focus on hiring qualified writers is crucial for maintaining the quality and accuracy of academic writing.
  3. Quick Turnaround Times: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of academic assignments, 99papers offers quick turnaround times. This feature is particularly beneficial for students who need their papers completed within a tight deadline.
  4. Plagiarism-Free Guarantee: The service promises plagiarism-free content, a critical aspect of academic writing. This guarantee ensures that the work provided is original and meets academic standards for authenticity.

In summary, 99papers presents itself as an affordable, reliable, and accessible option for students needing assistance with academic writing, backed by a team of qualified writers and a commitment to originality.


Reviewed by essay expert Jacob Ausley

EssayBox is another notable player in the field of essay writing services, catering to students who require assistance with their academic writing tasks. Here’s an overview of its key features:

  1. Competitive Pricing: EssayBox offers its services starting from $12.95 per page. This pricing is in line with the market standards and is designed to be affordable for students, particularly considering the level of expertise provided.
  2. Highly Qualified Writers: One of the standout features of EssayBox is its employment of English as a Native Language (ENL) writers who hold Master’s or PhD degrees. This high level of academic qualification ensures that the papers are written with a deep understanding of the subject matter and adhere to academic standards.
  3. Round-the-Clock Customer Support: EssayBox provides 24/7 customer support, a crucial feature for students who may need assistance or have queries at any time of the day or night. This continuous availability enhances the reliability and responsiveness of the service.
  4. Free Revisions and Editing: Understanding the need for perfection in academic papers, EssayBox offers free revisions and editing. This ensures that the final product meets the exact requirements and expectations of the student.
  5. Discount for First-Time Users: To attract new customers, EssayBox provides a discount for first-time users. This incentive makes the service more appealing to students trying it out for the first time, reducing the financial barrier to entry.

In summary, EssayBox differentiates itself with its team of highly qualified ENL writers, comprehensive customer support, and commitment to customer satisfaction through free revisions and editing, along with an introductory discount for new users.


Reviewed by essay expert Valerie Banford

BookwormLab is another service in the realm of academic essay writing, offering tailored solutions to students. It distinguishes itself with several key features:

  1. Pricing Structure: BookwormLab’s services start at $14.59 per page, positioning it slightly higher in the pricing spectrum compared to some competitors. This pricing reflects the quality and expertise they claim to provide in their writing services.
  2. Professional Writers with Verified Diplomas: A significant selling point for BookwormLab is its team of professional writers, each possessing verified academic diplomas. This verification process adds a layer of trust and assurance for students about the qualifications and expertise of the writers handling their academic work.
  3. Timely Delivery Guarantee: Recognizing the importance of meeting academic deadlines, BookwormLab guarantees timely delivery of their work. This commitment is crucial for students who cannot afford any delays in their academic submissions.
  4. Confidentiality Assurance: BookwormLab ensures the confidentiality of its service, which is a vital consideration for students concerned about privacy and academic integrity. This assurance protects the identity and information of students using their service.
  5. Availability of Free Samples: To help potential customers gauge the quality of their work, BookwormLab offers free samples. This transparency allows students to make more informed decisions about whether the service meets their specific needs and quality expectations.

Overall, BookwormLab presents itself as a reliable and professional option for students, backed by a team of qualified writers, a commitment to timely delivery, and a focus on confidentiality and transparency.


Reviewed by essay expert Valerie Banford

EssayFactory stands out in the essay writing service market, particularly catering to students in the United Kingdom. Here are the key features that define their service:

  1. Pricing in British Pounds: EssayFactory’s pricing starts at £14.87 per page. This pricing, listed in British Pounds, indicates a focus on the UK student market. The rate is competitive, considering the specialized service they offer.
  2. Qualified British Writers: A significant aspect of EssayFactory is its team of qualified British writers. This focus ensures that the essays and papers are not only of high quality but also align with the specific academic standards and linguistic nuances of the UK education system.
  3. Guarantee of On-Time Delivery: Understanding the critical nature of deadlines in the academic world, EssayFactory promises on-time delivery of assignments. This guarantee is essential for students who cannot afford any delays in their academic submissions.
  4. Direct Contact with Writers: EssayFactory allows direct communication between clients and writers. This feature facilitates a more personalized service, enabling students to have more control over the writing process and to directly convey their specific requirements and feedback.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee: Offering a money-back guarantee, EssayFactory provides an assurance of satisfaction and quality. This policy demonstrates their confidence in the quality of their service and offers peace of mind to students who may be apprehensive about using such services.

In summary, EssayFactory distinguishes itself with its focus on the UK market, employing qualified British writers, and emphasizing timely delivery, direct writer communication, and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Reviewed by essay-expert Oliver Wicks is another service in the competitive field of academic essay writing with a big base of free written college papers, catering to students seeking assistance with their writing tasks. It offers several notable features:

  1. Affordable Pricing: sets its starting price at $11.31 per page, making it one of the more affordable options in the market. This pricing strategy is particularly appealing to students on a tight budget who are seeking quality writing assistance.
  2. Experienced Academic Writers: The service boasts a team of experienced academic writers. This experience is crucial in ensuring that the essays and papers are not only well-written but also meet the specific requirements and standards of academic writing.
  3. Availability of Quick Turnarounds: Recognizing the often urgent nature of academic assignments, offers quick turnaround options. This feature is beneficial for students who are working against tight deadlines and need prompt service.
  4. User-Friendly Website: A user-friendly website is a significant plus for, as it simplifies the process of placing orders, making inquiries, and communicating with writers. This ease of use enhances the overall customer experience.
  5. Plagiarism Detection: includes plagiarism detection in its services, ensuring that the work provided is original and adheres to academic integrity standards. This feature is essential in maintaining the credibility and authenticity of the academic work produced.

Overall, presents itself as an accessible, affordable, and reliable option for students, with a focus on experienced writers, fast service, ease of use, and a commitment to producing original, plagiarism-free academic work.

Comparing Features of Essay Writing Services

When considering hiring an essay writing service, it’s important to compare various aspects such as pricing, writer qualifications, quality assurances, customer service, and delivery times. Here’s a summary based on the provided information:


  1. 99papers: Initially noted for a starting price of $12.46 per page, this service offers a balance between affordability and quality, considering its range of features.
  2. EssayBox: Initially, prices were mentioned as starting from $12.95 per page. This service is known for its qualified ENL writers and comprehensive customer support.
  3. BookwormLab: This service was previously stated to have prices starting from $14.59 per page. BookwormLab is distinguished for its professional writers with verified diplomas and a focus on timely delivery.
  4. EssayFactory: The starting price for EssayFactory was indicated as £14.87 per page, catering specifically to the UK market with qualified British writers and a promise of on-time delivery.
  5. Initially, the service was noted for a starting price of $11.31 per page, making it a competitive option with experienced academic writers and quick turnaround times.


  • All Services: Employ college-educated, native English writers, ensuring a high standard of language proficiency.
  • BookwormLab and EssayFactory: Stand out by having writers with verified diplomas, adding an extra layer of credibility.
  • 99papers, EssayBox, and Also boast writers with degrees, ensuring a baseline of academic proficiency.


  • General Promise: Most services promise high-quality writing, which is a basic expectation in this market.
  • Plagiarism-Free Guarantee: Both EssayFactory and 99papers assure plagiarism-free papers, a crucial aspect for maintaining academic integrity.
  • Free Revisions:, 99papers, and EssayBox offer free revisions, allowing for adjustments based on client feedback.

Customer Service

  • 24/7 Support: Available at EssayBox and 99papers, providing round-the-clock assistance for global customers.
  • Direct Writer Contact: Offered by EssayFactory, enhancing personalized service and direct communication.
  • User-Friendly Website: Noted for, making the process more seamless and accessible for users.


  • On-Time Delivery: Guaranteed by EssayFactory and BookwormLab, crucial for meeting academic deadlines.
  • Fast Turnaround: Available with 99papers and, catering to urgent needs.
  • Rush Orders: Offered by several services for those with the shortest deadlines.

In summary, while all these services provide a range of benefits, the choice depends on specific needs like budget constraints, required expertise level, urgency, and additional services like plagiarism checks or revisions. Each service has its unique strengths, so it’s important to choose one that aligns best with your requirements when looking to hire an essay writing service.

FAQ about Hiring Essay Writers

Is it worth it to pay someone to write your essay?

Paying for an essay can be beneficial in terms of convenience, potentially high-quality writing, and securing a good grade, especially if you choose a reputable service. However, it’s important to consider that it can be expensive and poses significant risks. If discovered, it could lead to serious academic consequences.

Can you hire someone to write an essay?

Yes, numerous online essay writing services exist where you can hire or pay writers to create custom essays. However, it’s crucial to note that most educational institutions consider this practice unethical and it may violate academic integrity policies.

How much should I get paid to write an essay?

Compensation for writing essays varies. Typically, experienced essay writers earn between $12 and $20 per page. This rate depends on several factors, including the urgency of the deadline, the academic level of the essay, and the depth of research required.

Can you pay people to do essays?

While it is technically possible to pay individuals or services to write essays, this practice is generally viewed as cheating and is ethically frowned upon in academic settings. Schools often impose strict penalties for such actions, which can include failing grades or more severe academic sanctions.


In conclusion, the decision to hire essay writers carries a mix of pros and cons. On the positive side, such services can provide convenience, potentially high-quality writing, and a route to securing better grades, especially when deadlines are tight, or the subject matter is challenging. The availability of experienced, degree-holding writers across various platforms like 99papers, EssayBox, BookwormLab, EssayFactory, and, each with their unique features and pricing models, offers a wide range of options for students seeking such assistance.

However, these benefits are significantly overshadowed by the drawbacks. The primary concern is academic dishonesty. Most educational institutions have strict policies against this practice, and getting caught can lead to severe penalties, including failure in the course or more serious academic sanctions. The ethical implications of presenting someone else’s work as your own cannot be understated, as it undermines the principles of academic integrity and personal growth.

Moreover, the financial cost of hiring these services can be substantial, especially for students on a limited budget. The potential risk of receiving work that does not meet the expected standards or is not delivered on time adds another layer of uncertainty.

Given these considerations, it is advisable to invest effort into doing your own work. The learning and personal development that come from engaging directly with academic tasks are invaluable. Therefore, it’s generally best to avoid using essay writing services. Instead, seek other forms of assistance such as tutoring, collaborating with peers, or consulting with instructors, which can provide the support needed while maintaining academic integrity and personal development.

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